Accreditation Preparation

With Accredit-IT’s expert guidance, you can easily earn an ISO accreditation and have the confidence of knowing that you have successfully established reliable, secure, and defensible services that are competent, impartial and independent.


Accredit-IT will help you through the entire accreditation process from project planning and conducting an internal self-assessment through the various stages of accreditation preparation to post accreditation maintenance and management.


We understand quality management system implementation, auditing, and the assessment process from both the laboratory management and technical assessor perspectives. Our team has worked in and managed ISO accredited laboratories and participated in the technical assessments of federal, state/local, commercial, and international laboratory systems and it is this knowledge and experience we will use to help you achieve your own accreditation.


The graphic below defines Accredit-IT’s Forensic Accreditation Preparation Workflow.

Accredit-ITs Accreditation Consulting Workflow2


Audits, Reviews, and Assessments


Accredit-IT conducts onsite and offsite audits, reviews, and assessments of your policies, processes and procedures and your management and technical operations for conformance to ISO standards.


We conduct gap analyses and internal audits of your management system, technical operations, and facilities to identify gaps or areas that are not in conformance with ISO accreditation standards.  These gaps or “non-conformities” are documented and a plan to remediate them is developed.  This remediation can be performed on your own or we can provide recommendations and remediation guidance and assistance.


We review existing policies, processes and procedures to determine ISO, legal, regulatory, and industry best practice compliance and locate areas for improvement.  This review provides our team with a good understanding of your operations and helps us determine the level of effort needed to bring your quality management system into ISO accreditation conformance.


When you are ready to apply for accreditation, we conduct an aggressive compressive pre-assessment audit during which no leniency is given, you either have everything completely ready for your accrediting body assessment or we call it a non-conformity, which means you may not yet be ready. We DO NOT do this to be cruel; we merely want to ensure you are ready and by applying this additional level of rigor we can say with certainty that you are truly ready and able to pass the accreditation assessment.


When it is time for a surveillance visit or re-accreditation assessment, Accredit-IT can help you get ready, if we are already not managing your program. We can assist with annual audits and document reviews, help you remediate and close out any open corrective actions, or assist in any way you need. We can even conduct an aggressive compressive pre-assessment audit as defined above. What you need, Accredit-IT is here to help.


Document Development & Integration


Accredit-IT is proficient at developing new or updating and aligning existing quality management systems with ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17025, and accrediting body supplemental requirements.


We assist you in drafting new quality policies, procedures, administrative and operational technical forms, and internal auditing tools (i.e. checklists, questionnaires, etc.).  We also assist in reviewing and updating existing quality manuals and documents and can even assist you in integrating two quality manuals (e.g., an ISO/IEC 17020 and an ISO/IEC 17025) into a single document. 


Let us help you reach your goal of ISO accreditation!