Auditing & Document Review/Analysis

Our Auditing & Document Review/Analysis Services leverages years of operational and auditing/ assessment experience to enhance management programs. Organizations with well-developed management programs are far more successful than those without.  That being said, it is our goal  help you develop and manage a top-notch management program that will guarantee your success now and into the future. Services include:

  • Document Review & Analysis
  • Auditing

Document Review & Analysis Services

Document Review and Analysis

Document reviews takes place at the beginning of a project to learn the existing quality management system (QMS) structure and after the development/update of the QMS to ensure it addresses all accreditation requirements.

Auditing Services

At the beginning of the accreditation preparation phase, a Gap Analysis is performed to develop an understanding of the organization’s management and technical operations and to identify the gaps that exist between the current program and the accreditation standard.

At the end of the preparation phase and prior to the assessment body audit, a pre-assessment audit is performed to ensure the newly development quality managment system and the organization’s management and technical operations meet all required accreditation requirements and objective proof exists in all areas.