Why Choose Accredit-IT?

Our teams nearly 15 years’ experience developing, managing, auditing, and assessing ISO accredited programs, our experience working with and serving as an AB board member, and our in-depth knowledge and operational familiarity with ISO standards and AB supplemental requirements gives us the knowledge needed to help you prepare for ISO accreditation.



Cost Efficiency – Developing a comprehensive ISO compliant quality management system can be challenging for organizations that are unfamiliar with the accreditation process. Significant time and effort can be spent learning and properly applying the requirements of an ISO accreditation standard and in most cases, it takes numerous organizational resources and several months if not years to complete. Assuming an average development time of 18 – 24 months for a new “from scratch” program, an organization can spend and upwards of 4,000 hours and over $200,000 for a single employee to build out the program with no real assurance it will get them ISO accredited.


Using Accredit-IT, organizations can save 3,000 hours and $100,000 or more and can rest assured the proposed solution has been successfully applied to organizations that are now ISO accredited.


Agility – Organizations are constantly faced with the need for change because of new regulatory requirements, market demands, or the emergence of new technologies and processing methodologies. One key feature of Accredit-IT’s solution is that it facilitates the design of a flexible quality management system.


Quality policies and procedures can easily be customized to suit the requirements of your organization.


Productivity – Documentation improvements like the removal of unnecessary information not needed to meet the requirements, the introduction of standardized and streamlined procedures, and the elimination of repeated language are easily achieved. These improvements allow employees to spend less time trying to understand what is needed and more time on mission critical activities.


This translates into increased productivity and reduced waste.


Efficiency & Reduced Risks – The auditing of quality policies, procedures, and operational activities allows for the identification of process inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement.


Accredit-IT’s solution results in the creation of better-designed, executed, and monitored processes which can help reduce risk and drive operational improvements.


Compliance – Organizations need to be compliant with industry regulations and best practices.  Accredit-IT’s solution ensures organizations have a system that allows them to address and implement regulatory requirements quickly, thereby preventing delays in handling compliance issues and associated unforeseen costs, both in reporting and penalties.


When you adopt Accredit-IT’s solution, you integrate compliance into the organization’s operational process life cycle.


Standardized & Streamlined – With Accredit-IT’s solutions, each task is executed the way it is planned and designed. Policy and procedure development is standardized and streamlined. Exceptional situations and responses are also addressed with our solution to ensure they are handled appropriately.


Sustainability – Organizations need to continually improve and adapt to changing operational conditions so they can continue to deliver expected results.


Accredit-IT’s solution ensures this need for flexibility and adaptation can be achieved while maintaining control and managerial oversight.


Measurability – All proposed quality policy objectives can be measured end-to-end and compared to expected results. Accredit-IT’s solution when implemented correctly, provides reporting and analytical processes for making executive decisions.


With Accredit-IT’s solution, you can streamline processes and quantify how these processes are helping your organization optimize its workflows.




Industry recognition: Our team is well known and has been actively involved in the ISO accreditation field for nearly 15 years developing, managing, auditing, and assessing ISO accredited programs; participating on accreditation boards and councils, and participating as an accreditation subject matter expert for the National Commission on Forensic Sciences.


Trust: Our team has been specifically requested and has provided accreditation guidance to numerous individuals, agencies, and organizations over the last decade.


Highly knowledgeable workforce: Our team possesses an in-depth knowledge and understanding of developing, managing, auditing, and assessing ISO accredited programs and an operational familiarity with related standards, guidelines, policies, and supplemental requirements.


Powerhouse solution: Our team has learned over the years that providing more information than what is needed to address ISO accreditation requirements creates levels of compliance that go well above and beyond what is required making them more restrictive and difficult to maintain; this is often confused as being an accreditation issue when in fact it is an organizational issue. With that in mind, Accredit-IT’s solution creates ISO accreditation compliant quality management systems that is concise and efficient.


High-level standards: Our team’s experience as ISO accreditation board and council members and certified technical assessors has given us a unique understanding of the level of effort and quality needed to achieve ISO accreditation. We pass this experience on to you through our proposed solutions.


Stability: Our team has been working in the accreditation field since 2004 and Accredit-IT plans to expand its accreditation consulting services and continue offering it for many years to come.


First-class service: Accredit-IT is dedicated to our client’s success! We ensure this by offering an expanded consulting solution that includes not only providing expert advice and guidance, but also assistance with the development and drafting of quality management system policies, procedures, and other related documentation, program management, and staffing.